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Master Audio JK10MA

Master Audio JK10MA

Master Audio heeft onlangs een zeer compacte veelzijdige 10" coaxiale actief luidspreker geintroduceerd, oftewel je "swiss army knife"! Deze speaker bevat een veelzijdige ontwerp met een dubbele functie voor PA en stage monitor.

Dit 'kleintje' zal u zeker versteld doen staan!

Architactural, engineering and technical specifications:

JK10MA (8)  JK10MA (9)  JK10MA (10)

Amplifier (program power)
600 W (LF) + 100 W (HF) – Class D bi-amplified
Input Sensitivity        
8 dBu – 1.94 V
Input Impedance                
20 KΩ Balanced
Maximum input level        
20 dBu
Universal switch mode Power Supply 
85-265 V / 45-65 Hz
Average current draw        
0.7 A (Heavy duty musical program)
SPL (1m)                
124 dB continuous,
127 dB peak
Built-in DSP                
48 bit
DSP Controls
Delay / volume / polarity / presets and limiters
AD/DA converters        
24 bit – 48 KHz
Standby mode consumption
< 5 W
Adjustable Delay line        
118 ms / 40 m
Frequency response
(-10 dB) 50 Hz – 18 kHz
Coaxial transducer LF–MF 10″ Coaxial woofer (2.5″ voice coil)
HF                        1.75” Polyester diaphragm driver
Directivity (HxV)        
70º x 70º
Dimensions (HxWxD)          
539 x 365 x 340 mm
15.2 kg
- Multilayer plywood
- Optimized front steel grille with foam
- High resistant bi-component black Polyurea coating
- XLR electronically balanced input & XLR parallel output
- AC PowerCon input
- Self amplifier diagnostics: output power, temperature, clipping
• The 2-way full range coaxial active loudspeaker system shall have one direct radiating ferrite magnet 10-inch low frequency transducer and one 1,75-inch voice coil diameter, polyester diaphragm driver loaded onto a horn. Low frequency transducer shall be rated at a nominal impedance of 4 ohms. High frequency transducer shall be rated at a nominal impedance of 16 ohms.
• The usable bandwidth shall be 50Hz to 18kHz (-10dB).
• The system’s horizontal coverage shall be 70º, with vertical coverage of 70º.
• Maximum SPL continuous, measured at 1m under free field conditions shall be 124dB.
• Enclosure shall be bass-reflex type with two lateral round ducts.
• Enclosure cabinet construction shall consist of birch plywood with a black textured finish. Dimensions shall be 365 mm (14,4 inch) wide, 539 mm (21,2 inch) high, 340 mm (13,4 inch) deep. Enclosure weight shall be 15,2 Kg.
• The front enclosure shall be protected by a steel grill with acoustically transparent foam. The grill shall be secured via screws to keep it in place when facing the cabinet downwards.
• The enclosure shall include internal hardware for rigging and shall be used in conjunction with dedicated rigging accessories. Rigging accessories shall be affixed with special crop resistant screws.
• The cabinet shall feature a 35mm (1,38 inch) diameter pole mount socket mounted on the bottom side, for a standard tripod.
• The amplifier shall be built inside the cabinet, consisting of two channels, with a total power of 600W/4Ohm for the low frequency channel and 100W/16Ohm for the high frequency channel. The amplifier shall be 3rd Generation Class D with switching power supply. The amplifier’s power supply shall automatically select the input voltage.
• The audio input shall be electronically balanced with a 20kOhm impedance. Connectors shall be XLR type (one female for input and one male for linking). Mains supply shall be through PowerCon.
• The DSP controller shall be built inside the cabinet and integrated to the power amplifier. The internal DSP architecture shall be 48-bit fixed point, featuring 2nd order IIR biquad filters. Analog-to-Digital converters shall have more than 102dB signal-to-noise ratio, 24-bit word size and shall work at 48kHz sampling rate. The controller shall contain several factory presets that shall be visible and selectable by the user at the cabinet’s rear panel (with built-in LCD and keypad). The gain shall also be adjustable from the keypad. The DSP shall incorporate a up to 40-meter (118ms) delay line.
• The system shall be capable of monitoring the following parameters: input level, output level per channel, output stage temperature (in the LCD), clip limiter activation per channel and amplifier protection status (with LEDs).
• The amplifier shall be capable of switching itself automatically on a low power consumption mode, depending on the presence of audio signal at the input. The low power consumption mode shall be user selected and the power consumption under this circumstance shall not exceed 5 Watt. The amplifier shall be able to reactivate itself to normal operation after detecting audio signal at its input.
• The loudspeaker system shall be the Master Audio® Joker JK10MA.
• The rigging accessories shall be the Master Audio® ACR-M8, SP-10, SP-35, HR-1215

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