Lynx Pro Audio

Science - Art – Technology

Passion for music, new technologies and a culture of continuous hard work are
a fundamental part of Lynx Pro Audio.
For us sound is science, art and technology, all at the same time.

About Lynx Pro Audio
Although a relatively young organisation, Lynx Pro audio has established itself quickly as an important player in the sector with distribution in over 20 countries and Export accounting for 90% of total sales.

They are growing year on year, continually developing cutting edge technology, adding more lines to our portfolio and expanding the world-wide distribution.

Lynx pro Audio places integrity before compromise and their products and hundreds of customers worldwide are testament to this commitment.

They firmly believe that by delivering the pinnacle of sound excellence their equipment will speak for itself.

Their philosophy
To design the most advanced and technologically innovative sound available anywhere in the world.

For them is essential to master the technology.
They develop all their products in house, from the initial idea to the actual production, passing through theoretical calculations, simulations, CAD / 3D design, testing, assembly and each and every necessary process to guarantee the development of a great finished product.

From our work station…
At Lynx Pro Audio they anticipate the needs of professionals, they identify the needs of installers, rental companies and end users and start working, looking for components that best fit their needs, comparing units from different manufacturers to find the best fit for every application.

It is not enough to just have the best component, the multilayer birch plywood enclosure must be tuned to perfection, calculating the internal geometry of the box so that the result is optimal.

Every single enclosure needs a filter set up perfectly for each component/application. At Lynx, they dominate DSP (Digital Signal Processor) technology to perfection, being one of the few companies in the market that develops its own digital processor, allowing us to control all internal processing, from the gain to the crossover, dynamics etc.

All the Right Things

To deliver a product that is up to our expectations they do not hesitate in using the very best components available on the market, whether it is drivers from the best manufacturers (B&C, 18 sound, Ciare) or electronic components of the highest quality  (Analog Devices, Cirrus Logic, Texas Instruments, Microchip).

Their audio processors incorporate the latest technology in digital processing:
•Analog Devices DSP
•24Bit 192KHz (Cirrus Logic)
•Operational ultra low noise amplifiers
•AES/EBU digital inputs
•USB/Ethernet connections
•Double dynamics (RMS & Peak)
•FIR Filters/Crossover (Linear phase)
•Gain, delay, polarity control

The adjustment possibilities are almost endless

All their boxes are optimized in a conditioned room especially designed for their development (Anechoic Chamber), carrying out 360º measurements both horizontally and vertically, ensuring the end result is accurate when elements are added, for example with a Line Array.


All their products are designed in-house by highly specialized professionals and manufactured to the most exacting standards at our headquarters in Valencia, Spain. Lynx Pro Audio and all their team are genuinely passionate about sound and instead of investing in marketing they prefer to invest heavily in research & development, enabling us to deliver superior sound systems for both professional touring and installation markets.

Every single component undergoes rigorous tests until they are completely satisfied that the final result is perfect as well as ensuring that all their technical data is accurate and delivers real data as opposed to exaggerated technical information.

Their staff at the assembly plant, have over 30 years of experience manufacturing equipment for the professional audio sector with a high degree of specialization and the best tools to carry out their jobs to the full. At Lynx, every single product manufactured is checked, measured and set individually, ensuring their optimal configuration.

Latest Technology
Powered modules with internal DSP control, automatic inclinometer system, online control software and much more…

Customer Support
They are always ready to help you with your projects or solve any doubt. Feel free to get in touch with us

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